become-a-memberMembership Eligibility

Application for membership to the Hal Far Model Flying Association is open to anyone. Persons aged 18 years and over may apply for the full membership of the Association. Persons under 18 years of age may apply for full membership of the Association if the applicant is signed for by an adult, (parent or guardian), who will take responsibility in writing of the applicant.


Membership Fees

The membership fee is renewable yearly and once the application is accepted, the member benefits from third-party insurance cover during the operation of model aircraft at the H.F.M.F.A flying site.  Members will also be given full access the flying site and its facilities.

Full Membership: €65 yearly
Family Membership: €65 yearly for the first member and €30 yearly for any other member under the age of 18.  Some conditions apply.
Non-Flying Membership: €15 yearly

No flying is permitted unless the person is covered by a membership fee (which includes insurance cover).  For safety reasons, the club does not accept day memberships.


Applying for Membership

In order to apply for membership with H.F.M.F.A. you are requested to complete the membership application form.  This can be obtained either by visiting the flying site and asking a committee member, or by filling out this contact form:

When you have filled the form, kindly hand it to a committee member at the site, or else you can you can mail to the following address:

 113, `Wings of Love',
 St. Catherine Street,
 Żejtun ZTN1811

Kindly refrain from sending any membership fee by post.  Your application will be processed and the fee can be paid upon application acceptance.