decisionsOnce you have decided to get involved in the beautiful and diverse hobby of model aircraft, where do you start?  Usually a person starts with an airplane, known as a ‘trainer’.  This type of aircraft has certain characteristics, that make it easy for the beginner to grasp the basics of model aircraft safety checks, using the controls, and performing basic and essential maneuvers.  It is not the intention of this website to write another guide, the Internet is full of them.  It helps to do your research well so that you make the right decisions the first time.  Following are some links to websites with useful beginners information:

It is also important to speak with others and ask any questions that you will certainly have.  At some point everybody was a beginner!  The H.F.M.F.A. hosts a friendly atmosphere and the members will be happy to welcome you and answer any questions that you may have.  The H.F.M.F.A. flying site is open every weekday in the afternoon, but you will get to meet most members between Friday and Sunday.  Kindly note that no flying is allowed unless the membership fee has been paid.  More information on becoming a member can be found on this website.